Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On The Day You Were Born

I don't really think about sharing our first day with our third born in the terms of a "birth story."  That's for families who haven't gotten to plan the welcome of their newest addition.  And, to be honest, I felt guilty about that with my last two, but something about being older and wiser has made me realize I did NOT take the easy way out in delivering any of my children.  I suffered through 9 months of various pregnancy symptoms, I cared for my baby by watching what I ate and what I did.  And, when it came time for him to be born I allowed people to numb me from the waist down and strap me to a table and cut me open while still conscious.  Yea, there is no "cheating" in having a baby that way.

5:30 am
The alarm clock goes off. Time to get ready while the older kids snore on with Grandma and Grandpa who have come to make sure they are taken care of while mommy & daddy are at the hospital.

6:00 am
Arrival at the hospital, and we take a mighty hike to where we were supposed to be.

6:30 am
Mommy is in a prep room and hooked up to multiple monitors and asked a million questions while waiting for Dr. Clipp and the anesthesiologist to arrive.

7:45 am
 Anesthesia is a little late, but I don't blame him, it too early on a Wednesday!

8:00 am
 I walk (while holding my gown closed) into an operating room full of people. I am sure they were all smiling as they were all super nice, but they had masks on, so I couldn't tell.

8:05 am
 I am being drugged and numbed and these awesome people are acting like it is another day at the office. They seem to like the name I picked out for our son despite offering many other suggestions and an odd conversation that turns to Disney World.

8:20 am
 They let daddy come in and he is dressed like a crime scene cleaner, and he looks as nervous as I am feeling, despite this being my 3rd time through.

8:30 am
They have mama open and they are getting our newest baby out!

Tobias is born!

8:40 am
The staff is taking bets on how big he is! Comments like:
"Wow, we have a toddler here!"
"I bet he is a ten pounder"
start to make me panic that I gave birth to some sort of obese child and I have doomed him for life. Daddy keeps reassuring me that he is fine and proportionate.

8:40 am
The cord is cut

8:45 am
Tobias lands on the scale and weighs in at 9 pounds and 2 ounces. I was not expecting him to be that big! But he is healthy and that is all that matters.

8:49 am
Daddy gets to hold his second born son and I get the first real look at him.

9:06 am
Mommy is all stitched up and we have gotten to gaze upon our baby boy the entire time since he was cleaned and wrapped up.

We talk Dr. Clipp into a picture.

9:10 am
I am wheeled down the hallway to my room with my baby boy in my arms.  Daddy gets to press a button the plays a sweet song to let the entire hospital know that a new baby has been born!

**The rest of the day is fuzzy to me, as with the day I had Thomas, the anesthesia made me so sick that all I could do was throw up and lay with my eyes closed to minimize dizziness, so I have to rely on time stamps from my camera ** 

Mrs. Jo and Rachael come to visit Tobias and hold him.

Big brother Thomas and big sister Gracie meet their baby brother for the first time.

3:17 pm
Gracie holds him for the first time.

3:19 pm
Thomas holds him for the first time.

4:46 pm
Baby's first bath.

9:05 pm
Mommy feels well enough to hold and snuggle him.

**You may wonder how I can be so exact with times. Well, some are estimations, but the rest are noted by time stamps on photos. One of the nurses in the OR asked Garren if we wanted pictures and I was so glad he had snuck his phone in his pocket!!  We however will NOT be sharing these photos because they are personal, but more so because they are quite graphic. **

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