Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anniversary #12

Seems like a lot longer...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Preschool Conversation

My phone has this great feature on it--and I didn't even know.  Well, I know now. 

A few weeks ago, I was telling Garren "wouldn't it be neat to have a microphone setting on the phone so I can record the cute things the kids say?"

He of course gave me a "seriously?!" kind of expression and showed me in 2 seconds how to do it.

Today the idea jumped in my head to use it. I love how he tells me about his day as we drive away from preschool. I only get a few facts, and then he is done for day, so why not record them? I sat the phone  on the arm rest with the ap ready to go, and hit record.

Wanna hear about his day?!!  Good!

***The blog will not let me upload audio only, so (thanks to Garren) I know to add a picture and use Windows Movie Maker, so that it why you just have the image I snapped of him walking out to the car in the rain ***

Friday, September 14, 2012

Hair Drama Mama

I don't know if I am the only mother who deals with hair "drama," but I doubt it, and I doubt I am the only mama who is completely over it!!

Since, oh, birth, Gracie has whinned, cried, screamed,shouted, thrown a fit over having her hair washed, combed, brushed, styled, trimmed, get the idea.

She is now 8.5.

You could see how that could drive a woman to insanity.

Girl hair takes a great deal of maintenance, and I refuse to let her leave the house looking like she rolled around in a hay loft.

Well, I used to.  I think the screaming has gotten the better of me, and unless it is a church or school day--I refuse to fight the battle. This summer she looked so pitiful, but I was allowed most days free of the hair battle.

I thought when I had a boy that at least my hair woes wouldn't grow.

Nope, he hates to have his hair cut.

You wouldn't think that would be such a big deal, but do you have any idea how quickly little boy hair grows?

I should take him more than I do to get a trim, but he screams, fights, cries, kicks, pushes, tantrums, and all in all has a fit on the way, while waiting, during and on the way home from a haircut.

It literally takes all of my strength to get him in the chair. I have to restrain him while the lady cuts his hair, and often we leave with it done "as well as they could do it."

He is 3.5.

The crying began when he recognized the shopping center.

I figured I was in for a long morning, and asked myself, "how long will he do this?!!" And once I got him in the chair and the waterworks started I looked at the hairdresser pitifully and told her he was 3 and a half.  She assured me that it takes much longer for some kids.  That didn't help.

But, to my surprise, the tears stopped.  He wasn't happy, but he wasn't kicking, screaming, or throwing himself.  He wasn't even restrained.  He simply wanted me to hold his body.  He sat still and patiently. I switched sides for the lady, and at one point I let go and got my bag and camera.

No tears. He watched the little boy in the Taxi car get his haircut, he glanced at the movie playing and in the mirror.

He got his haircut done without a meltdown!

Maybe we are in the home stretch?!!  Maybe he can talk to his sister for me?  Nah, I bet that won't work either.

If you have a child over the age of 8 who still throws a fit about her hair, feel free to let me know I am not alone.  If your child is an angel and lets you do anything to her hair and she just smiles, feel free to keep it to yourself. :)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Is For Apple

Isn't that the most beautiful and reddest apple you have ever seen?!!


Thomas to me this morning while we are waiting in the "drop off line":

"Mama, I sure do wuv pwee-school!"

Have a good day baby!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thomas' First School Paper

I doesn't look like two red wheels, so maybe that craft is drying somewhere?  But, I love his very first piece of preschool art work--don't you?!!!!

Pick Up Line

So, I survived my first preschool pick up line.

I always loved dropping Gracie off and picking her up from Grasshopper Green. I could see the classroom and decorations and how they changed with seasons and holidays. I could see the other kids and hear all about her day as we gathered her things. She would show me her projects on display and all of her handy-work, she would point out her favorite toys and that days best friend.

At Thomas' preschool they encourage you to do the drop off/pick up line.  I didn't do it this morning since he had missed Thursday and he hadn't been to school in a week (plus that was his first time!). So, I walked him in, but we had to wait awhile before the kids came up from the pick up line. Odds are he would have been fine, but I got a chance to see the change in bulletin boards and to take more classroom pictures.

This afternoon I patiently waited to get my Thomas. I had to wait in a rather long line!  But, I finally got him. I heard him yell "mama! mama!" from inside the door and he hurriedly and excitedly pulled the attendant out to our car.  He was so happy as he climbed in.

He didn't give me a lot of details about school other than the usual: playground, food, Thomas' house!

I asked if they sang a song "yup, firetruck dance!"

I asked if they made a craft: "two red wheels."

That was more than I got last time, so I am pleased as punch. Hopefully I will get more details as the weeks go on.

My Alone Morning

It is mid-morning and there is no sound. It is quiet.  Of course that apparently happens when there are no kids and no husband around.  A silence I very, very, very rarely get to hear.

I know that other moms think I am nuts for wondering what I will do without my kids, and I am sure as the preschool year wanes on I will find creative ways to fill this void.  But, when you are a woman who devotes 24 hours a day 7 days a week and the past 8.5 years to constant motherhood--you tend not know what to do with yourself and time alone.

So, what to do?

Here is how I spent this FIRST morning alone while Thomas was in preschool and Gracie was off to big school.

I walked in to the house
 it was quiet

I fixed my breakfast
I cooked myself something and no one was asking for stuff

I ate my breakfast
and no one asked to eat part or all of it

I watched what I wanted on TV (Golden Girls!  :)
and no one yelled "Dis Junior!!! Dis Junior!!"

I went to the bathroom
and no one yelled through the door

I updated the blog
and no one wanted anything, yelled anything, demanded anything

I switched the laundry
and no one spilled anything

I loaded the dishwasher
and no one was under my feet and or legs

I picked up the bedroom
and no one threw all the pillows on the floor

And then I brought home my bear
and I was told it was lunchtime
and I became the waitress, the cook, and the janitor

...and all was right with the world again.

Second Week, Second Day

Thomas missed his second day of preschool on Thursday because he caught Gracie's bug, but he was there and happy this morning.

Looks like he the weather person today (how cute is that!! I want a picture!!)

Now, what on earth do I do now? No kids, 3 hours....

Monday, September 10, 2012

Gracie's Memory Box

Gracie's first homework assignment was to create a "memory box."  She had to find something:

1. warm

2. from long ago

3. that makes you cry

4. that makes you laugh


5. as precious as gold

Can you figure out what she picked out and why? :)

(click to enlarge if you need to cheat ;)

At The Car Wash

Sunday, September 09, 2012

Mommy's Daredevil!

Look what someone (boy) apparently taught him at preschool!!  Are you surprised we have already had one broken leg?!!!

Church Fun

The church where we have been attending for the past year and a half had its annual "Block Party" this afternoon. 

We have missed it in years past for whatever reason, but this year the kids were super excited to go and play.

The church set up inflatables (no, Thomas did not bounce, but that was his own decision, I didn't keep him from it), a dunking booth, free games, free popcorn, free cotton candy, music...etc. It was a HUGE blow out and there were tons of people there.

The kids had a good time.

Mostly Thomas wanted to play on the church's (and his preschools) playground, but Gracie was ambitious and bounced and threw balls at the dunking booth (she's got an arm on her!).

Both kids got treats--and very hot and tired.

We all had a good time and went and got ice cream before we went home.

 I would say these kids got a rockin' good weekend!!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Really, Really, Really Big Truck

Look what I got to drive Uncle Brian!!!

Hot Race Track

So, the plan was to see cars in the Kroger parking lot this morning, but it didn't go quite so well.

We did the same thing last year, only I had taken Thomas to the big race track days before.

At Kroger there were many cars to look at--but just as many simulators that he was too little for and couldn't participate in.

We missed going to the track this time around since he decided to get his sisters germs, and miss his second day of preschool as well!

But, both kids seemed fine today, and daddy and I kind of decided on the spot to take them both to Richmond International Speedway.

Sounds fun right?

Well, it was...after we got there.

Daddy had never been to the race track, and I had never gone on the actual race day. I always took Thomas the Thursday or Friday before.

The line to get in to the parking lot was VERY long, but we made it, and Gracie got a chance to see the track and cars for the first time too.

We survived the traffic and the inebriated people, and now we had to over come the heat.

I had packed a well stocked bag with towels and wipes and ice water. I knew well the activities and the sun  and the walk that were involved in this process.  But, I have to admit, it was the hottest I had ever had at the track.

Thomas didn't seem to mind and daddy and I were fine. Do basic math to see who was the weakest (and whiniest link ;)

We stayed for about an hour and a half and Thomas saw tons of cars. There weren't nearly as many booths and games so we barely got any souvenirs this time, but I was okay with that--all that free stuff is fun, but it weighs you down!

We took two very hot and very tired kids back home, we knew they were out of energy and a massive storm was on the way.

I don't think we were home maybe an hour before that storm hit, and apparently it forced the race way late and it didn't end until 1:30 am!!  Good thing we didn't pop for tickets.  We often think about it for Thomas, but always decide he is just not quite old enough yet!

 **Oh, and we went out for dinner since we were all exhausted and tried the Steak-N-Shake. Super yum and super cheap!!! The kids ended up eating for free and we all got milk shakes! What a day!! ***

Saturday Mornings With Daddy

So, this is how my loves usually spend Saturday mornings, while mommy gets a few extra minutes of sleep.

Don't get me wrong, I am welcome to tag along, but I am more than happy letting them out of the house with out me.

But, we had a busy morning(which turned into a VERY bust day) planned, and I went too.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Happy Half Birthday Gracie

It wasn't just her first day of school (for her), but it was also her half birthday. She is officially 8.5 going on 13.

Since she got cookies and milk for her first day of school snack, mommy crafted this watermelon cake just for her, complete with all things girly like hearts and butterflies!

Gracie's First Day Of School

Gracie was well enough to climb on the bus this morning, and she was thrilled to get to go and meet her friends.

After last year any excitement for school makes this mama happy!

Thomas had to follow us to the bus stop, but I got a few good pictures.

We hope that she has a great first day, and a great year!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Thomas Goes To Preschool

We did it--and we both survived with few tears!!!

Thomas is home and likely snoring. That was one very exhausted 3.5 year old I help put in the car this afternoon. He is down for a nap and at last peek he was blinking hard!

Thomas will attend the preschool in the church where we have been attending for the past year and a half. He will go twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays) like Gracie did, 9am to 12noon.  He has two teachers: Ms. Tammy & Ms. Leslie, and there are 8 total kids in his class.

Day one seemed to go well, although he wasn't very talkative on the way home. I asked him about his day and the most I got was "I go preschool!!" and "playground!"  I am sure they did more in the three hours.

Thomas has been excited for weeks and we have be counting down the days until he started.  He of course is very unhappy he won't be riding a bus like his big sister, but a new back pack and a lunch box seem to be filling the void.

Another big step for Thomas and for mommy. You would have thought it would have been a piece of cake for child number two, but I have quickly realized that is never easy to let a child go, no matter what number he is.

You can see Thomas' preschool adventures and other adventures on our blog as I am trying to better keep up with it, but you will have to wait to see Gracie's first day of school picture--I am afraid she missed the first day of third grade (of which she is so upset!!) thanks to a 102 fever yesterday. We just couldn't get it down. Thankfully it was gone this morning and she was back to her chatty old self. We see no reason for her not to go to school tomorrow, so mommy gets to go through the emotions again.

Thank you all for  being apart of our days and our lives, and for sharing this moment with Thomas & me.

Officially A Preschooler

Congratulations Big Boy! 
We are so proud of you!!  
You are a preschooler now!

More Preschool Pictures

"Look Mama I Got Sticker!!"

How proud he was to show me his sticker! What a good day he had!

He was pink in the cheeks and sweaty and he looked exhausted, but he had a good day.  I am so thrilled he had a good day--almost as much as I am that I can take him back home.

I tried to get him to talk about his day, but he said very little outside of  "I go preschool" and "playground." I am sure they did more than that, but I can see the exhaustion in his body.

Hopefully after his nap he will tell me more. I would love to know every detail of his first day of school!

Chewey Waits

He misses his best friend...

I guess we both have to wait.  Only, Chewey is waiting far more patiently...

There He Goes

My baby is off to preschool, dressed too cute for words, proudly clinging to his backpack and ready for action.

Now, mama just has to wait, and breathe...

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Legend Of The Hugs & Kisses Bag

I was looking for a way to help my very shy girl of 3 cope with her very first day away from me.  If you know the story of my children well, you know that Gracie was (and can still be) painfully shy.  I sent her to preschool to help her with that shyness, and to help alleviate the pain of Kindergarten separation.

On the night before her first day of school I am not sure I slept. I am not sure if I breathed. But, I sewed. I had an idea.

I would make a little draw string bag and fill it with hugs and kisses, so that if she needed a hug or kiss from mommy she could just reach inside and pull one out.

I explained this to her that morning as we got ready and she smiled, and some how she knew that the bag would make the three hours easier.

I have made her a bag and filled it with hugs and kisses every school year since.

This year is no exception.  Only, I made two.

I doubt that Thomas will understand the idea, and I doubt he will care, he can't wait for preschool. But, I know that it there...just in case he needs one.

2 Days Until School

Saturday, September 01, 2012