Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Thursday Plan

I am not a "spur of the moment" kind of mom. I am not even a "spur of the moment" kind of person.  But, it is fun to just let go and do something you did 't plan on and shake up an otherwise boring morning.

Today my plan was: Costco, quiet time, Gracie's home from school.

But, Grace texted me this morning and wanted to know if Thomas and I would like to join her and Bryce & Emmy at the Children's Musuem.

That is way more fun than Costco.

Little did she know, while we were awake and up--we were not showered dressed or remotely publicly presentable at 8:45 am.

She suggested 9:30, and since it is downtown I would need 20-30 minutes for the drive.  We got dressed...and excited fast!

What fun the boys had!

If you remember we went to the musuem last summer/late fall for the first time. It was a discount weekend, and while we saved half the cost, it wasn't really what we were expecting.  But, Thomas and Gracie had fun. We just never made it a plan to go back.

This time around, I was only "chasing" one child, and with seasoned veterans of the place, we were able to see and find so much more than we did the first time.  Of course, things had changed anyway, and there were different exhibits, and some places closed off, but the preschoolers had a great time running from place to place to place.

And, what a surprise for us. As the boys are playing, another preschool friend happened to arrive!  For the last hour of our playtime, Rebecca, Bryce & Thomas all had a blast.

It was so neat to see them seeing each other!

Grace and I were ready to pack in in around 11. We weren't necessarily tired, but about 4 different field trips had trickled in since arrived around 9:30 and the noise and chaos were getting to be too much for this mama.

The kids were a little disappointed, but we reminded them they get to play together again at the musuem for Rebecca's birthday party here on the 8th of June!

It was a great morning. I guess I will have to shake up my days more often!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Wednesday Night With Bryce

All day I had been thinking what Grace (Bryce's mom) texted me this evening: Wednesday night church at their place of worship.

It has been only a half-week, but it has seemed very long.  Thomas has not done well as his big sister is still in school, and we keep telling him"no more preschool."  This does not bode well for young Mr. Shipley.  So, mama Shipley has had her hands full.

By noon I was sure that I wanted to send him along.  And, when Grace texted me around 5, I was thrilled that she reminded me, and she was okay with it too.  I definitely think the boys needed some time together--especially my boy!

Thomas was thrilled when I told him I was going to take him to Bryce's church, and when we arrived, he marched in the classroom like he has been there his whole life.  That is my boy!  An older gentleman asked me when I picked him up "He doesn't know a stranger does he?!"  No sir, he doesn't.

Of course, I had planned to explain to Thomas that we won't go every Wednesday, but that had to wait because he couldn't stop talking about how he would get to ride the church bus next week.

Oh boy!  The church bus.

We have a church bus at our church and it kills him that he can't ride on it, and he waits and watches it pull away with some elderly members every Sunday morning.  He is
going to bounce until next Wednesday I just know it!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

We were so busy this weekend! Thomas' bridging, Isaac's high school graduation and more miles than I care to add up.

But, we made it home, and before we did, I got the kids each these larger sized American Flags and I snapped some pictures.  I thought ahead and packed two different sailor tops for Thomas.  Poor Gracie, is growing so fast, I just can't keep up--I long for the days when I used to dress them alike at most occasions, and how I LOVED the chance to show off those sailor outfits that I own by the 4 dozen!

Of course today is not about travel, or matching outfits, or sailor items.

We remember.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Congratulations Isaac

We are so proud of you!  We are proud of the man you have become, and we know you will follow in the ways of Christ as you continue your journey through adulthood, manhood and life.

Aunt Barbara, Uncle Garren, Gracie & Thomas

Friday, May 24, 2013

Thomas Sings

Here are most of the songs from tonight's bridging ceremony.  They aren't the best as they were taken on my phone---but you must watch Thomas in one of them!! I will put it first! He is too hilarious, and got the whole audience giggling!!!

Watch this one!!! (watch that leg! Shew!) (And, he is the blonde fourth--third boy-- from the end)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bridging from Threes To Fours

What a night.

My Thomas was in full force tonight as he belted out several of his, and his friends, favorite songs to all of us parents watching.

Of course the biggest part of the evening was when Thomas, and his 6 classmates crossed the bridge from threes to fours!  What a special and wonderful moment to see and capture.

My new/old camera was doing awesome...until the battery flashed dead!  You win some, you lose some.  I made sure daddy was videoing with his phone, so we have it captured. It isn't a long video and Thomas is third to cross.

Thomas and his friends looked so nice all dressed up. And yes, those boys have matching ties, and yes I made them.  I made the girls matching blue hair bows, you can kind of see Rebecca's in her hair.

It was a very special night for us Shipleys--so proud to honor and celebrate our big little man.  He was something else to see!  We have most of the songs videoed, and I will need more time to upload, and hopefully we will get a copy of the entire night of performance from one of the other dads who had his camcorder rolling!

Congratulations Thomas! 
We are so proud!  
Off to the Four Year Old Class and three days a week!



So little time (comparatively speaking)....
so much growth...

The Last Day Of Three Year Old Preschool

I snapped a shot of him leaving the car and heading into preschool on the last day this morning.  The teacher just smiled, she knows me all to well!

We have had the best year. Thomas has made so many new and first friends.  When I registered him, the Director of the Preschool seemed a little dismayed at how small the class was. But, I ended up loving how small it was. All of us moms were able to chat and share and make play dates. It was a great year for both Thomas and Mommy.

Just like when Gracie went to preschool when she was 3, it forced me out of this house and to meet new people and do different things. I think I (and my sanity) is all the better for that change.

Of course we aren't completely finished with preschool activities. We have his bridging ceremony tonight, and a picnic tomorrow. But, it is still a big deal. So, I snapped another picture in the pick up line this afternoon.

And, if I didn't already LOVE just about everything about this place, I opened the bag they gave me at pick up time and found all sorts of goodies like Thomas' name plate for his hook and jobs calendar and birthday, along with his snack mat, and an ENTIRE photo album of school pictures they took, printed, and made for me!!!  His teachers also gave him 2 books and bottle of bubbles as a present. 

These ladies have been amazing all year, and I am thrilled that they will keep him next year. We chose the 3 days a week preschool class over the 4 days a week one.  Different teachers have the 4 day, and Mrs. Tammy & Mrs. Leslie take M, W, & F.  And, Thomas will keep a lot of his friends next year too as Eli, Matthew, and Bryce will also go three days a week.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"I Go Bryce's Church!"

Many thanks to Thomas' friend Bryce for inviting him along to Wednesday night church--at his church.

Bryce's mom asked me last week if Thomas would be willing to go as Bryce's "homework" was to bring a friend to church the next Wednesday.

Of course Thomas was more than willing.  He would do anything with Bryce.

I dropped him off, and he just ran off with his friend.  After I left, I realized that I didn't even walk him in, and I didn't even take Grace (Bryce's mom) up on the offer to go and see the room.  I realized that not only was that probably rude of me, and definitely not the proper thing to do--but I clearly trust her implicitly as I am a nut about my kids and letting them do anything without me!

I did go in and pick him up.  I was a little early so I heard nothing but songs and laughter coming from the children's room.

He stayed up way past his bed time as the evening activity is from 6:30-8, but he clearly had a blast.

He told everyone "I go Bryce's church," before we went and after we came home.  He even told the man at the gas station on the ride back to the house.

Bryce and Thomas have their last day of three year old preschool tomorrow. But, I know they will not only see each other next year for 4 year old classes, but I am sure many times over the summer.  They have become such good little friends--and clearly his mom is awesome too. That is twice now that I have left Thomas in her care, and you know me, I don't leave him (or her) with anyone.

Thomas' First Dentist Visit

He was fine...I was trying not to loose my stomach. 

I have dentist issues... Issues I firmly intend NOT to pass on to my children.

Thomas was excellent for his first visit.  We talked about how the dentist would probably count his teeth and maybe squirt water in his mouth. (He has 20 by the way. 10 on top, 10 on bottom. Although he was sure he had 100!)

Typical Thomas though, he was fine, showed very little sign of nervousness. He is nothing like his sister (or his mama!)

. He just talked and talked and talked to the hygienist.  He got a thumbs up from the dentist, a high-five from the hygienist, a certificate, a Diego toothbrush (and other tooth goodies) and a toy from the basket.

The dentist office rocks if you are a kid!

The dentist actually told me he had the prettiest four year old teeth he had ever seen.

All the better to flash the ladies with ;) Lets hope they stay that way (the teeth, not his coy flirtations!).

Good job Thomas on your first trip to the Dentist.
 You were great!

New Shoes & Camera (re) Try Out

No, I didn't get a new camera, yet, and to be honest, there just isn't enough time to get a new one between all of these milestones.  And, I would cry--but we found the old batteries.

Digital Camera #4 was a Kodak and it didn't even last me a year.  It worked fine, but the flash stopped working after a few months.  So, I got a new one sometime after that.

Anyway, it was always my back up camera. Whenever a camera would die, I knew I had this one even though the flash didn't work. A camera without a flash is better than no camera at all.

Well, at some point over the years the camera battery (it has an internal rechargeable battery) from this camera and the other dead Kodak got put in such a "safe" place that we couldn't find them.

Near tears last night over how I would capture some of the most important moments in the next 7 days....Garren found the batteries!

So, I don't have a new camera (I will get one mom, it just won't be before Thomas' thing tomorrow or Isaac's graduation Saturday),  but I have one that works!  And, since I plan to video his bridging anyway, the flash won't matter.  And, I will make him (and ask his friends nicely) to go outside and do group pictures.  What a load off!

Gracie literally ran her shoes out.  And, I should have replaced them a month ago, but you know how it is with time, and hers have to be ordered (okay, they don't have to be ordered, but she and Daddy like Saucouny's and they are easier to order than find a store that carries the kids sizes!)

She told me last night after I was blinded when she opened the box:

"Believe it or not mommy I picked these out."  

Really? I never would have guessed that! ;)

She was excited to wear them this morning, and I was anxious to get reacquainted with my new-old camera.  We did learn to turn the setting to HIGH ISO to compensate for the lack of light.  And, I still have to find the camera cord as it has to charge from a computer.  But, in all, I feel a great deal of relief that I won't miss the documentation of these precious moments!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Chalk City

The clouds were out, and they may have been hiding the sun--but they sure weren't hiding the heat and humidity this afternoon.  But, that's okay.  I had an idea!

Thomas has been loving "driving" his cars, bike and trike around the front yard attempting to keep up with his sister (whom at the age of nine is finally getting the hang of a bicycle. I knew if Thomas got a bike, she would suddenly get more brave! ;)

Anyway,  I pulled my car out of the driveway and surprised the kids with a road.  While Thomas did laps I started to create a city. And then Gracie helped me "build" the city even more. And, Thomas did what he does best: supervise!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cheerleading Performance

Daddy and I signed Gracie up for the six week cheer leading camp at American Family Fitness, well, 6 weeks ago.  I saw the advertisement and while I was taken aback by the price, I knew it would be a good thing for her--and boy was it!

She looked so forward to cheer practice each Sunday afternoon, and she would tell me how she was practicing during recess at school.

They got their "uniforms" during the second practice, and if you think the price of the camp made me flinch--you should have seen me when I had Gracie try on her outfit!

I know that cheerleaders have a certain "look," but this mama has no desire for her nine year old to wear ANYTHING that short!

I was really upset, and even threatened (on FB) to add fabric to the bottom of that all too short skirt, but I calmed down and was overwhelmed by the number of people who quickly jumped in and begged me not to do that to my child.  I guess I would have scared her for life be being "that mom."

So, she proudly marched into one last practice before the "performance" this afternoon in her outfit.  I even took time to fix her hair up, and I let her wear a red tinted lip gloss.  You would have thought I gave her a million bucks (okay, so maybe I am warping her ;).

She was proud to show off all of her new found skills, and she even earned the award "Most Improved."

We were proud to see our big girl shine. It made it even more apparent to me that she needs more outlets. I have kept her at home most of her life, and besides Tumble Tots through the Parks & Rec for 4 months when she was 3, this is the only thing she has done in a group activity setting. Even when she runs, she just runs for her.  I will work on finding more opportunities--I realize now how important it is for her.

I did video the cheers and "dance" on my phone (still no camera), but Garren will have to help me upload it here, so check back for that.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of my little girl who looks all too grown up on this exciting day!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

10th Race

Gracie had a goal to complete 10 races before she turned 10.  Well, she met that goal today!  Gracie ran her 10th race this morning at the kids fun 1 mile run at the AskCreek 5K race.

It was a soggy run, but thankfully the pouring rain stopped just in time for Gracie's race and stayed away until we were about a foot from the car, when it proceeded to pour again.

And what better way to celebrate than doughnuts?  Daddy would have been proud of both the runner, and the after-race snack.

**Cool bonus, enlarge the top picture of her crossing the finish line and you will see Peyton's mom (from preschool) clapping and cheering for Gracie! She is an avid runner and was volunteering at today's Askcreek race! **

Run, Gracie, Run