Thursday, September 10, 2015

On Ice Tradition

I was so excited to see her smile tonight.

Gracie and I have been doing "On Ice" for many years now, and despite the fact she is a middle-schooler now, and the show was on the first week of school--Gracie wasn't about to miss it.

This year Emmy and Grace went with us.  This was Emmy's first Disney On Ice, and though I caught a few smiles from her, she mostly stared in awe at the show. Gracie stared too, but she couldn't help beaming and bouncing and squealing. That's my girl!

This year's "theme" was a 100 year celebration, so I wasn't exactly sure what we were in store for.  I figured it would be a lot of mini songs/stories from all the movies, and I was right--except for Frozen. They put in most of the Frozen songs and story line to further push that cash-cow. Of course that made the two girls in my row ecstatic.  Frozen is the only Disney movie Emmy has ever seen, and she clearly knows it well. I loved watching both girl belt out the songs along with the music overhead.


It was a good night. A hot, smelly, kicking night, but a  good one.  Again, this is the 6th year we have been, and while you can never pick who gets to sit next to you or near you, this was by far the WORST seating arrangement (as far as other patrons) I have ever experienced.

Between the kid behind me kicking me, hitting me, and whacking me with his light stick, the people in front of us switching seats every 10 minutes, and the kid beside me bouncing on his seat and kicking me with his feet and clearly not having bathed in a few days--it was a rougher ride than usual.  But, it was all about Gracie & Emmy, and those two girls didn't notice anything but all Disney had to offer.

Did not blog 2012--seriously?!!  We went! Found the pics

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