Saturday, February 28, 2009

First Trip Out

Today all four of us Shipley's ventured out for our first family trip together.

It may not sound exciting to you, especially since we only went as far as Woodstock, but hey--small steps!

Mommy & Daddy in all the chaos kind of forgot it was the end of February, so we had to take mommy's car to be inspected. Oops. They couldn't get to it today, so we left it there and took the daddy car to get breakfast/lunch at Denny's.

Our meal I guess was Thomas' technical first outing, since he just sat in his carrier at the car place. I planned to leave him in his carrier the entire time at Denny's too and away from germs, but he got hungry just before time to leave, so I held him and fed him much to the entire restaurants pleasure.

After brunch we went to, where else, but Walmart. Now there is a place with way too many germs! So, Thomas and I sat in the car while Gracie and Daddy got a few things we needed. He even got a diaper change in the car, and I managed rather well if I do say so myself. I guess your first child really is the "practice baby!"

All in all it was a short, and non eventful afternoon about town, but it was our first and I couldn't help but make a big deal out of it :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Gracie Loves Thomas

I had to share this picture of our big sister in action. Things are still going very well here in the Shipley house. As you can see she likes to help out in any way she can. It won't be long before she (and he) will be steady enough for her to carry him around a little more.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Two Different Babies

Talking about how adorable they are together, makes me laugh at just how different these two Shipley babies are. They say that your children can be polar opposites, and I don't know if that will stay true; but as far as being infants--they are night and day.

he is a sleep champion,
while she barely slept
Gracie was so interested in everything that she would fight sleep and hated to miss anything, it doesn't take much to knock him out!

he could sleep through a bomb,
while if you sneezed she was awake--again!
Thankfully he can sleep anywhere and on his back, we had to put Gracie in the bed with us and let her sleep on her tummy and watch like hawks so she would get enough rest.

he grunts (A lot!),
while she had the cutest squeak
he cries plenty, and while she was awake most of the time she hardly cried at all

he cries for wet/soiled diapers,
while she couldn't have cared less to sit in her own filth
which made potty training very difficult for her!
although they both hate baths, and he screams when ever he is changed or slightly undressed!

Big Sister Progress

Besides asking how I am, the next question I get time and time again is "how does Gracie like her new brother?"

To be honest, I knew Gracie was thrilled about the baby coming home and helping out--but I figured it would wear off after a week or so and she would want to send him back. Well, she proved me wrong!

He has been here for over 2 weeks, and she still adores him! She gives him kisses and hugs, she talks to him and wants to show him her school work and crafts.

She is also mommy's big helper. When he cries, before I can even get up she will tell me "I'll get him momma!" She takes off in to where he is and finds his pacifier and comforts him. She loves to give him her finger--which he naturally grasps. She also helps make the bottles, give him baths, and entertains him while I change his diaper.

So far there is no jealousy, and her only frustration is that she wants to play with him. He of course is too little, and she seems to understand. So, she settles for talking to him, telling him stories and singing songs. She truly adores Thomas. And he has taken to her. He recognizes her voice and is looking at her when she talks to him. He knows it is his big sister.

Watching the two of them together is so very special, and I couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Getting Excited

Gracie couldn't keep the details of her after school birthday party under wraps today.

I finished up hand making Gracie's invites yesterday, thanks to running out of ink in my printer. But, they came out pretty cute. I put them in the kids cubbies this morning when I dropped her off. Apparently Gracie decided to tell everyone that she was having a pizza party after school next week and they were all invited. I guess this is a good thing, since several sounded pretty excited.

This will be Gracie's first party with friends. She has had parties in the past, but this time I actually sent out little invites, and I will make cupcakes and treat bags. Orginally I was going to have the party a our local pizza parlor, but it is like a smoke shop in there, so I took Candice's advice and asked if I could use the Fellowship Hall to the church. This makes my life so much easier, especially since I will have to host the party and keep up with a nearly 4 week old baby at the same time.

As for school, besides talking about Gracie's party, the kids had fun with finger painting. Gracie said they ran out of time to do their movement activity though. They also practiced the letter "V." And, snack was cheetos.

I know I am behind on Gracie pictures, so I will have to do a little better in the future. But, I assure you she is getting tons of attention and she is still handling things better than expected.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Look Who Is 14 Days Old!

I am not sure where the time goes--but Mommy's little glow worm is 2 weeks old! I know I am behind on blogging--can't imagine what is keeping me away ;)

Friday, February 20, 2009

This Is NOT Working!

As you can see our little man is less than thrilled about the new feeding schedule. I really have tried to stick to the doctor's suggestion, but after so many days of hearing him scream for food--I just can't keep it up. I can handle a lot of things, but my children being hungry is not one of them. He isn't even 2 weeks old, and he won't set any world records for weight, so I plan to feed him when he needs it, but still to keep an eye on how much and how often he is eating. I don't want him to be unhealthy. It is one of my main goals that my children will never be obese. I won't let them go through what I went through growing up, and what I continue to go through as an adult.

Baby Update To Friends & Family

(from email)

We send many thanks to all of you for the well wishes, prayers; and truly special emails, cards & gifts.

While most of you have seen pictures of our newest addition, we want to invite you to see and learn more about our baby boy. You can see updates and read my journal entries on our blog: Even though life is no longer just about Gracie, we have decided to keep the same blog since so many people know the address and tune in often to hear about our small town life, now as a family of four.

You can see more pictures at our online photo album:

Many thanks and love to all of you again. We will get caught up on individual emails and thank yous and phone calls in the coming weeks and month as things start to get just a little more settled.

All of our love,
Barbara, Garren, Gracie & Thomas

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Tom & Little Thomas

It took him over a week, but Tom finally got to meet his little buddy & namesake. They look happy together, don't they! :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thomas Goes To School

I know, I know--I am not supposed to be driving, or doing stairs; but today's weather/school delay left me without much choice.

Thomas and I took our time and went and picked Gracie up from school today at 3pm. I waited patiently in the car until most of the parents had gotten in and were on their way out. Those kids are adorable and great, but they are also full of germs!

I was the last one in the door and Gracie's teacher Ms. Stephanie scolded me for being out. But, she also took my little tons of fun and held his carrier while I waited to sign Gracie out and get her things, and that was a much needed relief. I haven't walked much since we got home, and the trip out this morning to the doctor and then back down the stairs and the drive to the preschool took a little toll on me. I took my time though, and Ms. Stephanie guarded Thomas like a sacred jewel. She let the kids peek at him through the very small hole that is in the carrier cover, but made them stay back several feet.

Gracie was thrilled that Thomas came with me to pick her up, and she told me "I think everyone likes Thomas!" Her teachers got a good peek and so did some of the kids. I also made sure that they knew just how much I appreciated them taking such good care of Gracie while I was out of commission, and making her feel so special! I don't think I blogged that Gracie took pictures that Grandma got developed at Walmart to school the Wednesday after he was born. The teachers let her have a mini show and tell, and she got to share the pictures and tell all about her new baby brother. The staff at that school is a Godsend, and I am so glad she has such caring teachers. If we are still in Strasburg then, Thomas will be in their class in 3 years!

If it hadn't been so cold and windy I would have snapped a picture of Gracie and Thomas outside the school. I guess I will have to do that another time :)

As for school, Gracie loved seeing her friends in the afternoon class. They made a stamped picture with balloons, and they had a fun movement activity. Poor Gracie is so tired she didn't tell me much about the day at all. She is in bed and will hopefully fall asleep for her naptime!

Milk Downsized

Thomas is tuckered out, not from the doctor's appointment this morning, but from crying this afternoon.

As Garren would say "they took him off the smack." Okay, that's not exactly what happened.

His doctor's appointment went well, and was surprisingly over in about 20 minutes. Since it was his first check up there wasn't any shots or anything invasive, they just wanted to check him out and see how he was growing. And, he is growing! He weighed in at 8 pounds, 4 ounces. So he has gained back what he lost at the hospital and is an ounce over his birth weight.

The doctor said he looked good and healthy. He asked if there were any problems, and I told him "no," but mentioned his chronic hic-ups and what appears to be painful gas. When I told him he was getting 2 ounces of milk every 2 hours, he told me that was the cause.

The average for babies is 2 ounces every 3 hours until they are a month old. Thomas has been a very healthy eater since day 2, and sometimes he would take 3 ounces and even an ounce between feedings.

The doctor was very nice, and didn't judge me at all, but simply said that his stomach couldn't handle that much milk and if we held him off to 2 ounces and 3 hour feedings it would really help. So, we are going to give it a try. Thomas isn't thrilled though!

I feed him 2 ounces at noon, and apparently that wasn't enough. He cried from 12:45 until he finally cried himself to sleep around 1:30. It was clear he wanted more milk, and I hated to listen to him cry. Nothing soothed him, not his binky, not holding, nothing. I feel bad for him, but I don't want him to be unhealthy, and the hic-ups and gas are clearly very very uncomfortable for him.

The doctor says that after 2 or 3 feedings on the new schedule he should be fine and adjust well. I think he will too, but if he is still crying for food after today or tomorrow, we will adjust acordingly.

So, things went well at the doctor's office, and Candice will be relieved that there were NO kids in there. We were all alone so we seriously limited the exposure to germs!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big Day

Today was a big day for our little Thomas. Actually, it was his due date. Since he was over 8 pounds at birth, I can only imagine how big my little man would have been if we had waited the 8 extra days to have him.

He got his second bath ever tonight, and he is once again squeaky clean. Gracie helped again, and she was proud--and very relieved that he didn't cry this time. I think he was soothed by the warm water. Then, Gracie wanted to use his night-night soap for her shower. So both of my babies went to bed smelling very good and very calm.

He also lost his umbilical cord stump tonight. I noticed late last night that it was loose and would likely fall off at any time. I can't remember how long Gracie had hers, but we found it in her diaper and hers bled. We found his in his diaper tonight, but we avoided the parental freak out of blood.

Oh, and we also got his hospital photos in the mail today. I was shocked they came so quickly, but not so shocked at the price tag. They know you won't pass up the pictures of your baby from the hospital--so they charge A LOT! But, they are precious and I will share soon.

Thomas has his one week check up tomorrow, so wish us well as we again face the unpleasant task of taking an infant into a doctor's office!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Me And The Kids

Sounds like a great title for a Little Critter story doesn't it?!

Today was my first day as the stay-at-home mom of two, and I have to admit it wasn't that much more demanding than one. Although, you might attribute that to one of my charges sleeping most of the day.

While I am tired from being up every 2 hours to feed Thomas at night, things went pretty well today. Gracie and I even found the time and energy to do activities and worksheets and play together while little brother hung out in his bouncy seat.

We made it through, and I know in the coming weeks and months it will get more challenging to have both of them at home to entertain and take care of--but for now, I am just loving every minute of being mommy to both of them! :)

Although, I can't believe I couldn't find a few minutes to snap a picture of our first day with just mommy! I need more sleep so I can remember to do all of the important things--like taking pictures ;)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Grandma's Last Day

As you can imagine Gracie was less than thrilled when Grandpa returned today to pick up Grandma and take her back to Lynchburg.

Gracie knew that they would have to go home eventually, but there is a difference between knowing, and then saying the actual goodbyes.

When she realized that the day was over and they would have to load up, she broke out in to very loud cries. Grandma and Grandpa soothed her as much as possible, and before they left she had dried her eyes. That didn't last long though. After the door shut she began to tear up again. Daddy, Thomas and I took her into the bedroom and cuddled her and tried to make her feel better. After a long while she dried up and we went to the table for dinner (her favorite: roast and potatoes). I am thinking that the ice cream cake that she picked out for mommy's birthday also helped the sadness as well.

It has been a long week, and we are so glad that Grandma and Grandpa took the time to come and help with our new family. Just taking care of Gracie and making her feel special while we were in the hospital was the best medicine for Gracie and I that could ever be administered! There are so many things that the three of them did together, and many more that I am sure I will never know about ;)

Many, many thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for coming to take care of Gracie, and to get to meet there newest grandbaby!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Daddy's Valentines

Mommy & Daddy couldn't have asked for two cuter or sweeter valentine's than the two loves of our lives.

Thomas spent his first Valentine's Day much the way you see here: eating, sleeping, and pooping. But, he is a very happy and loved baby.

Gracie thanks Mamaw & Papaw for the princess jewel game they sent her for Valentine's Day. She also loved her card and princess notebooks from Candice & Elliott & Lucie. Grandma of course spoiled both of them, giving Gracie tons of books and fun Valentine's themed crafts and activities. Mommy and Daddy didn't forget her either. She got a new "puppy in my pocket" set and some princess stickers and special Valentine lollipops. Thanks again to everyone who has made such an effort to make her feel so special, in a time when she really needs it.

We also hope each of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day as well!

The Cous-Its Come To Visit

My sweet new sister and law (and my brother too) rode with Brian and five of her children over 3 hours to come and see our Thomas!

I don't know about you, but that is some serious love to climb in a car full of 7 people and make a 230 mile drive to come and see a new baby. I am still not sure we were worth the trip ;)

Gracie loved having all of them here, and she showed off her new baby brother and gave plenty of instruction. When she was bored with that she went on to play with all of them and show everyone her pink princess room.

Dawn, Brian and the kids managed not to get bored or cabin fever from this small apartment, and even took Gracie and Grandma to dinner at Denny's before they left!

Each of the kids got a chance to hold Thomas and I have added their pictures in to a new folder entitled "Thomas and Friends." Mark was the only one who turned down the opportunity to cuddle our 5 day old glow worm.

We are so glad that they came, and we can't think of anything sweeter. It will be a while before this family makes the trip to Lynchburg, so I am glad they got a chance to see him while he is still so little.

Big Helper Gracie

Gracie helps get Thomas in to yet another dry outfit!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thomas' First Bath

You can see how proud Gracie is to help clean her little brother in this picture. We are being sure to include her in an as many helpful activities with the new baby as possible, and she is loving it. Of course having Grandma here has helped with the transition as well.

Since our little boy HATES for any part of his body to be unclothed, the bath was less than a peaceful experience. But, we can't complain. Other than when he is slightly undressed (which includes all diaper changes!), or if we miss the signs that he is hungry--this baby doesn't cry. He is a sleep champion and oh so cuddly.

But since this mommy has no experience with changing little boys, everything in this house has practically gotten soaked; which makes for many diaper and clothing changes. On the plus side he has gotten to wear almost half of his wardrobe in his first week at home ;)

Though I am tired, and I over do it each day (and end up with quite a bit of pain by night fall), life at home with baby is going well. He really is a good baby, and we couldn't be happier to have our whole family here together.

We will post more pictures soon, I promise!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

She Was Bound To Ask

We made it 3 days, but Gracie finally noticed what makes Thomas her little "brother."

This evening after Gracie was getting ready for bed, Daddy and I were attempting to change a very upset Thomas diaper and jammies, when Gracie walked in to help comfort him.

She looked at us and said "what is that on his tooshy?" I pointed to his umbilical cord and said "that?" To which she replied "no." So her father and I explained that was the part for little boys to go piddle.

I am aware of how prudish our family is, and I know you are all laughing at our terminology, but I am pretty proud of how we handled the situation. Gracie was satisfied with the answer and she walked off and finished getting ready for bed.

First Night At Home

We...okay I...didn't get much sleep last night, but it went surprisingly well for the three of us to be at home and without the help of those awesome nurses who would give me a break after dark!

Thomas slept very well, but the insane winds and huge storms that blew threw (and are still here) last night kept my adrenaline going. That coupled with the fact that I forgot all about how nerve racking it is to have a newborn in the house. Is he breathing? What was that noise? Did he eat enough? Maybe I better just hold him to be sure!

I spent much of the night making sure that there were tiny little snores coming from our little man. Some of the night he even made it in his bassinet. Of course I was hanging over the end of our bed with my hand on his chest, but the time still counts.

Now, if we can just go for more than a few hours without having to change all of his clothes (and ours!) we should be good to go :)

Thomas eats and sleeps like a champ. And I have found that this round of parenting is much easier and less stressful. What a difference experience makes!

We send our love to all of you, and pictures will come as my energy level rises more and more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're Home

And, boy is it good to be home.

The doctor discharged Thomas and I after many rounds of paperwork at 11am this morning. He had his first car ride through Winchester and to the Walgreens to pick up Mommy's pain medication. Then, we headed home to Strasburg.

Daddy of course carried our bundle of joy up the steps for me, and most of the day we have been snuggled up tightly in the bed.

Gracie and Grandma and Grandpa came to the apartment after they ate lunch at Denny's following preschool this morning. Gracie was thrilled to hear that we were home, and she looked so cute in the big sister dress and hair bow I had made for her.

Poor Gracie is as tired as the rest of us are. She actually told me she was going to go to the hotel and take a nap. Which was a good idea. And Daddy, Thomas and I followed suit not long after Gracie and the grandparents left.

We are letting our big girl stay one more night at the hotel with Grandma and Grandpa, and then we want our whole family at home and getting used to some sort of normal life.

We thank you all again for the emails and well wishes and wonderful blog comments. I am doing better, and I have been through this recovery before and I am sure that I will be healed and pain free before too long. Thomas seems to be liking his home and bassinet as well. So, I think we will all find the rest of the this week to be quite comfortable in our own 4 walls.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our New Family

I wanted to share this simply sweet picture of our new family that Grandma snapped today. I ordinarily wouldn't post a picture of me, especially that swollen and in a hospital gown, but I love how happy we all look.

Mom snapped this picture of Gracie getting to feed Thomas for the first time. However, the funniest picture would have been right after when Thomas had a little spit up and Gracie decided she didn't want to feed him anymore. I couldn't see her face, but apparently she nearly lost her breakfast when he lost a little of his.

Other precious moments from today:

Gracie tells Thomas "you are my new best friend Thomas (kisses his forehead)"

Gracie tells Grandma this afternoon, "I don't want to help feed him Grandma, he is gross!"

We have had a slow day and are loving all of the support and well wishes we have gotten. It means so much to know so many people care and are thinking of us.

And, Thomas got some special visitors today: Reverend Ed & Sherry Yakle both from our church visited us at different times today, and Colette came to see our new little boy as well. We can't wait for many more of you to meet Gracie's new little brother.

And, there are more pictures in the Picasa folder I started yesterday. Click here to see.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Thomas Pictures

It is slow going, but I have started a picture folder here.

Thrilled To Be A Big Sister

Gracie of course is already loving her new baby brother. She has given him kisses and tickled his toes. She brought him the lullaby caterpillar she picked out to be his best friend like Lambie is hers.

Grandma and Grandpa brought her by after preschool today and you could tell she was a little bit nervous. She snuggled up to him and was very impressed with the new addition. You could also tell that she was exhausted, all that fun with Grandma and Grandpa yesterday has taken its toll.

After a nap, they brought her back and she was much more enthusiastic about the baby. I did video the first time she saw Thomas, and at some point I will post it. In the meantime I am trying (slowly) to figure out Garren's laptop and how to edit and post pictures (he uses a Mac and I am struggling!), but hang in there for more info from Winchester.

I am recovering slowly but surely. I wasn't prepared for the intense sickness I got from the procedure, but I am doing better and can finally sit up a little. Thank you for all of your prayers and good thoughts and well wishes. It is wonderful to be surrounded by so much love.

We will blog more as time and energy permits.

Welcome Thomas

It's A Boy!

We welcomed Jack Thomas Shipey into our family at 8:08 this morning. He weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds, 3 ounces and was 20.5 inches long. He also came out with a full head of the whitest, blondest hair. He is plump and adorable.

I know I promised pictures and updates, but the C-Section took more of a toll on me than planned. But, now I am blogging from the semi-comfort of my hospital bed.

It's A Boy!

It's a Boy!
Jack Thomas Shipley

February 9, 2009
8:08 am
8 lbs 3 ounces
Winchester Medical Center
Winchester, VA

Mommy & Daddy are so proud!

Baby Updates

We are off to the hospital, and I promise that you will all get baby updates as soon as we can log on. While I won't be in much shape to blog, Garren is able to make and edit posts. We are pretty sure we will have wifi access at the hospital, but even if we don't, he has some sort of nifty technology that will enable him to go outside the hospital and use his cell phone to publish to the internet.

Speaking of cell phones, our antiquated hospital does not allow the use of them in the hospital--and they are very strict (as we found out in 2004). So, you can try and call me, but I won't be answering.

We are at Winchester Medical Center in Winchester, VA and we will be sure close family knows our room number when we get one. And sadly, the hospital has no real useful website or "virtual nursery" like other places, so don't even try and look for it--you will pull your hair out!

We will post pictures when we can, but I am very uptight (okay ridiculously control-freaked) about pictures of my children, so I won't be letting Garren put anything online without my approval--so you will have to let the meds wear off a little bit before you get to see our new baby ;) But hang in there--they will be on soon enough :)

Wish us luck...and a little prayer wouldn't hurt either!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

End Of An Era

Okay that makes it sound like something that we aren't super excited about happening, and that just isn't true. But, life as we know it is about to change.

Today I just had to have one last picture of our family before we added on.

Grandma and Grandpa are here and my Gracie is likely jumping on the hotel bed and eating way too much sugar as I type in this last blog post before our hospital trip in a few hours.

I have been doing just fine today, and with an overly excited Gracie I have had my hands full and haven't had any time to dwell on the impending hospital trip or surgery. It wasn't until Garren and I left to go out to dinner just the two of us that I started to get weepy.

I actually had to hold Gracie's arms to stop jumping so I could tell her goodbye. She of course is thrilled with Grandma and Grandpa and will likely not even notice we are missing. But, we will notice she is missing. There are very few times in her life that I haven't been there. I won't wake her in the morning for school or make her breakfast. She won't crawl into bed tonight for her story or extra early in the morning for a snuggle. Good thing I will have someone else warm and little to snuggle tomorrow morning, or I don't think I will make it.

So here is our family, from March 2004 until February 2009. I can't wait to share our newest family portrait of all 4 of us very soon.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

One More Day!

An excited Gracie got to take the number 2 diaper off the Baby Countdown calendar tonight before she crawled into bed.

Tonight we strayed from story of the day, and read this very neat book that she got at her Big Sister party from Timbre. It is a guide to being a big brother or sister, and I have to say it is the best guide for little kids I have ever seen.

While reading the story Daddy and I talked over the points that the book makes with Gracie. She hasn't given off any mixed signals about how she feels about the baby, she has always been excited, but as we went through the book she did admit she is a little nervous about things changing. But, when we got to the end of the book she seemed somehow more calm, and even more excited about being a big sister. A huge thank you to Timbre and Ameka for finding this great book--I will recommend it to anyone adding to the family!

So, one more day as a family of 3. Tomorrow we will go to church, then Gracie has a birthday party, and then Grandma and Grandpa will be here. I will attempt to go over everything, and they will attempt to pretend they are listening. And then they will take our first, and very precious child, to the hotel with them so mommy and daddy can get some sleep. 5:30 am comes very early Monday morning, and we have a 30 minute drive to Winchester!

**And as you can see Gracie loves the princess pajamas Amy and her family also gave her for the Big Sister party. She has worn them for the past 3 nights, I hope I can hide them and get them washed soon! ***

Friday, February 06, 2009

Just Us Two

As my time with just Gracie is dwindling down, I am finding myself a little more sentimental (hormonal too I am sure) than usual.

These past three days I have made lots of time to do special things with my wonderful Gracie; partially out of guilt and fear of her being left out or left behind, and partially because I am really going to miss my special time "just the two of us."

On Wednesday we went out to lunch at our favorite Chinese buffet and went to the thrift store. We also made time to play and share stories. I also painted her nails so she would be very girly.

Thursday we made "baby cookies." Surprisingly I don't have nearly as many baby-themed cookie cutters as I would have thought even though I have two HUGE containers of cutters. But we made do with Noah's Ark and baby animals. I even let her make a huge mess with icing and sprinkles and we had a wonderful mother daughter baking time together.

Today Gracie and Daddy met me in Winchester after my Doctor's Appointment and she and I had some lunch and play time at Chick-Fil-A, we went to a thrift store, and to Walgreens (which is one of her favorite places ever). We also had family movie night and plenty of snuggle time.

While I am thrilled about adding on to this family, and I can't wait to see Gracie in big sister mode; our life is pretty wonderful with her as the center of our world. So, knowing that there is just a weekend away from another arrival--it makes this week far more precious and bittersweet.

I am hoping that in a few days I will look back and find time to laugh at myself for even being worried about not having enough love and attention for two. But, in the meantime, I have enjoyed this week with Gracie being the supreme princess in my life.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Happy Ground Hog Day

Gracie looked very festive for Ground Hog Day at preschool today. I dressed her in her brown bear dress. I told her that even though it was a bear, today we were going to pretend it was a groundhog. Her teacher loved it!

The kids in Gracie's class made an adorable craft with a coffee filter and a straw and a groundhog they colored. You pop him up through his hole (filter) to see if he sees his shadow.

Gracie told me that the groundhog did see his shadow today, and they did some sort of song/movement about the furry creatures.

Snack was cheese its, I believe. She told me they had square cheese crackers with holes in the middle like daddy loves. So, I am pretty sure this is what she was talking about.

Oh, and she turned in her homework this morning and earned a lollipop. I let her have it after nap. She was very proud of her homework prize. I am not sure if they will do more homework--but I think it is a neat idea to get them ready for bigger school and more responsibility.

I am slacking with blogging and picture taking, and I HATE it. Gracie took her dress off early today, so I couldn't have gotten one even if I had remembered. I really hope that I can get my mind back to normal soon. I love blogging and keeping track of everything my Gracie does!